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How did all started…

After years of social work and building experience a group of young volunteers decided to make a difference. The poor conditions in which thousands of families were living was the motivation to build Fundación CasaBásica.

With a dream in their heads and the thought of giving all these families a better housing standards lead these young volunteers to build something of their own and work hard to give a material solution that could help build homes and support families. Today CasaBásica has become a solid nonprofit organization with a high standard administration and a dream to accomplish: construct houses and build homes and raise families.

Our mission

Moved by the dignity of the person and the develpment of families we are inspired in a christian spirit where ou mission is to build homes with a design that gives a solution to accumulation problems and becomes a house of high standars constructed by a group of volunteers who dream of a better and joust country.

In two words: build family


Eduardo Guilisasti | Presidente
Felipe Montes
Francisco Garcés
Rodrigo Herrera
Alvaro Alliende
Cristián Huidobro
Carlos Anwandter
Francisco González


CEO: Enrique Cortés, architect.

Why Casa BÁsica?

The name of the foundation seeks to reflect the mission that the model of the housings inspires. A Basic House delivers the basic thing that should deliver
a social housing of emergency: dignity and an environment adapted to strengthen the development of a family as fundamental core of the country.

CasaBásica is characterized for

  • Separation of environments
  • Permanence of the housings
  • Good completions
  • Formation to the families

Simple CasaBásica
Size: 3,10 m x 6,68 m.
Three environments
Two bedrooms and a common space

CasaBásica Doble
Size: 6,10 m x 6,68 m
Five environments
Four bedrooms and a common space

How to help?

Today, Chile has grown and evolved significantly and is no longer the same country the years of building our foundation.  CasaBásica decided to close its operations from January 31, 2013 because it is very complex to follow in this situation, where the priorities have changed and no longer need our job.

During these seven years, gave a basic house to 1.653 families throughout Chile and Peru and mobilized more than 9,000 volunteers. We highlight the work done in the 2010 Chile earthquake, where  we builted 890 houses. In addition, CasaBásica builted 6 churches in a joint venture with the National Cultural Foundation and individuals. In 2012 we decided to contribute to the Chile reconstruction and evolve to deliver housing, giving advice to 39 families to obtain permanent housing.

We thank all those who contributed from their position to provide decent housing to the families of our country in line with our sense of helping our “family building” in order to build a better nation. In turn, more importantly, to thank God for the opportunity you gave us to help those most in need and to strengthen the sense of solidarity in our volunteers.

Thank you very much to all.


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Fundación CasaBásica
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